Keep Prospecting – Keep Planting the Seeds for New Business

It happens, and it just happened to me. One week I had three new big projects. The next week everything stalled. I was left wondering, “What’s next?” The problem was, I had stopped prospecting.

I learned a valuable lesson:
Always be on the look out for new clients/projects. Keep prospecting and planting the seeds for future business.

How to Prospect:

  1. Make a list of prospective clients and add to it regularly.
    Where to find them? Look for people who fall into your target market, who may need your services. Search the newspaper, Facebook (especially groups), other Social Media, look around town (i.e. a new store opening), and talk to people. Share what you do and learn what they do.
  2. Research each prospective client. Learn a bit about their business and industry, so you can customize your inquiries.
  3. Contact prospective clients. Reach out to them using the platform you found them on (if applicable). If you found them on Facebook, send a Facebook message, on Twitter, follow them, and send a direct message.
  4. Follow up! After a short period, contact them again – this time in a different way. Follow up a cold call with an email or mailing, or vice versa. Remind them of who you are and what you do.
  5. Expect “no’s.” Don’t get discouraged. It takes a few no’s before you get a yes. If you expect the no’s as part of the process, they won’t discourage you and put you off track.
  6. Set quantifiable goals. For example – 10 mailings a week, 5 personal emails a week, 1 mass email a month, 5 cold calls a week, etc.

Repeat the process! Add to your list, research, contact, follow up, and adjust your prospecting goals to reach the results you desire. And remember to stay positive. 🙂

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