Six steps to take once you create a Facebook “Fan” or Business Page

Six Steps to take once you create a Facebook Fan or Business Page #facebookmarketing #facebookbasics

  1. Upload a banner and profile image. Use your logo, a picture of yourself, or your product for your profile picture. For the banner image, pick an image that best conveys what products or services you provide. Keep the look of the image consistent with your website if you have one.
  2. Add content. Create a few posts with images and information that best describe your business.
  3. Pin a post of important info to the top of your page – Your schedule, services, etc. Learn how here.
  4. Invite your Facebook friends to “Like” your page once you’ve completed steps 1 and 2. Learn how here.
  5. Post consistently, at least a couple of times a week. You can do it all in one sitting by scheduling posts. Learn how here.
  6. Invite new people to like your page! Click the number of people who liked your post (at the bottom of the post). When the list opens you’ll see next to each name – liked, invited or invite. Click INVITE next to every name to invite that person.

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Guilt Free Social Media Marketing

10 Steps to Guilt Free Social Media Marketing

Feeling guilty for not doing enough on social media to market your business? Create a plan, execute the plan, evaluate what you did, and adjust as needed. And stop feeling guilty!

Common scenario – You have a Facebook fan page (or Instagram account or whatever) but don’t post consistently, and don’t even know what to post. (If you don’t have a fan page click here for instructions on creating one.) 

10 Steps to Guilt Free Social Media Marketing

10 steps to get your social media marketing on track (and stop feeling guilty):

  1. Brand your profile to match your website both visually (banner image and logo) and the profile descriptions.
  2. Link everything. Include links from your social media to your website and from your website to your social media. When applicable make your social media accounts “business” accounts. See: How to make an Instagram account a business account.
  3. Develop a posting schedule. You need to post regularly and consistently. This is especially important to be seen on Facebook – because of the algorithm every post isn’t visible to everyone. Learn more here.
  4. Think about what your target audience is interested in. Brainstorm posting ideas. Keep a notebook handy as ideas occur to you during your work day. Only promote yourself 20% of the time. The other 80% should be content interesting to your audience. Here are 100 posting ideas.
  5. Engage! Respond to comments from your audience. Be social!
  6. Observe and learn from what others post – inside and outside of your industry. Learn the etiquette of the platform you are using.
  7. Be creative. Visuals improve the popularity of a post. Take photos, try new things – make a short video!
  8. Review. Analyze the statistics of your posting to see which posts are most popular. You can even determine the most popular days/times when your audience is online. Click here to learn more about Facebook stats.
  9. Adjust the plan going forward. You may want to change the frequency or time of posting OR the types of content you post depending on what the stats reveal. And depending on what is sustainable for you.
  10. Add another social media account. When you are feel comfortable with the above consider adding a new social media tool. Repeat steps 1 – 9 with this new tool included in the process. It will be easier because you are already creating content for posting. Adjust the content to fit the new tool. Read about repurposing content here.

Interesting Link: Learn more about many of the popular social media platforms in this Business News Daily article Social Media for Business: A Marketer’s Guide.

TIP: Consider hiring someone to help with your social media marketing.
My services include:

  • Developing posting content and schedules
  • Designing posts (including editing photos, creating artwork, etc.)

Email me for more info!

TIP: Continue to brainstorm content ideas and add them to your list.

TIP: Create a Facebook post of the most relevant information and pin it to the top of your page. For example an art studio might do this with their schedule. (Click here to learn how to pin a post to the top of your fan page.)

TIP: Save time with your social media marketing by creating several posts at once and scheduling them out. For more info on this read “Plan, Batch, Schedule.”

Don’t feel guilty for not being on every social media platform. It’s more effective to do one well, than be on many and not do anything.


Drive more traffic to your Blog with better images

Drive more traffic to your Blog with better images

In 5 months my page views went from a 1,000 a month to over 5,500. I attribute this growth to pinning “Pinterest friendly” images. Here are tips to improve the design of your images.

  1. Create branded images – Using colors, fonts, and layout, design a consistent look that represents your blog or website. An eye catching image will encourage pinners to repin and click through to the post. Use a consistent look and pinners will start to recognize your pins!
    My advice – create a template in Photoshop (or other photo editing software) that you can reuse every time.
  2. Use quality photos. Take better photos by adding lots of lighting. Edit your photos to make them look their best. Play with the highlights and shadows, color balance or cast, and saturation. Or use stock photos.
  3. Add text on top of the image to clearly convey the subject of the post. Make sure the text is legible. Text should be high contrast to the background image to stand out. Dark text if the background is light and vice versa.
  4. Create tall vertical images. I design my images to be 735 pixels wide x 1100 pixels high.
  5. Enter Alt Text. When I add an image to my blog post in WordPress I enter a description in the Alt Text space – using relevant keywords. This text shows up as the pin description when the image is pinned.

Need help with the design of your blog post images? I can help, just email me with the subject “May Pin Promo” and get your first branded image plus a psd template file for only $75. Includes custom color, font, layout, and stock image.

Repinning is recommended to get your pins out there. I pin my images every day. Apps like Tailwind help automate this.

Think about the call to action in the post you are leading visitors to. What do you want them to do? Include related posts at the bottom of your post. Consider creating “Popular Posts” or “Start Here” pages to help new visitors to your site know where to go next.

Learn more about my design and marketing services here. Sign up for my informative newsletter here.

What I learned from 30 days of Facebook posting


Back in May business was slow. Up until that point, I mainly posted on Facebook new projects. Without any new projects I only posted once or twice that month. In the past I’ve gotten solid leads from Facebook, so I knew I needed to start posting. But what to post?

Here’s what I learned:

  • Once you get started the ideas will start flowing. Once I started brainstorming, writing down lists, and writing posts, more and more ideas came.
  • Everything is connected. As I started writing FB posts, I was motivated to elaborate on many of the ideas and turn them into blog posts. The FB posts and blog posts became content for my monthly newsletter, as well as Instagram and Twitter posts. We can reuse our own content.
  • Know your audience. I learned what topics they responded to the most. I got a better idea of who they were and the best way to speak to them.
  • Visuals are important. Posts with an image perform better than ones without.
  • There is a lot of interesting content out there. You don’t have to create everything from scratch. Sharing interesting links provides value to your audience.
  • People like humor.
  • People like honesty and seeing the real person behind the business. One of my best performing posts was when I wrote about doing something that scared me – making cold calls.

Other things to remember:

  • Have a set mission statement in mind. Mine has always been to show people the kind of work I do and to show them the knowledge and expertise I have in the areas of graphic design, and social media and email marketing.
  • Plan, Batch, Schedule. It’s more efficient to prepare a bunch of posts at once than to write one daily. Read more about this here.

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Social Media Tip: Plan, Batch, Schedule


It’s best to be ahead of the game with your social media marketing.

Plan out your posts for the week, or even month. You can always add if other pertinent things come up. Mid-month, I meet with a client to go over the next month’s posting schedule. We look at all holidays, occasions, and events that are relevant. We have a goal for how frequently we want to post. If it is a “slow” month with holidays, etc. we brainstorm other post ideas.

It’s more efficient to write out all your posts for the week or month in one sitting. The same goes for taking or retouching photos. Doing “like” tasks together is shown to be a more efficient use of time, than switching between different tasks.

Using a social media scheduling tool, like hootsuite*, allows you to schedule all of your weekly or monthly posts in one sitting. This way you don’t have to post in real time, which is especially great if you are going away, and/or if you manage more than one account.

Being prepared by planning and scheduling your posting will allow you to feel more secure with your social media marketing. And you can always add a post if something relevant comes up. It will also be easier to evaluate the months or weeks past, so if necessary you can change your plan accordingly.

*There are many resources that allow you to schedule your posts. I use hootsuite, which has a monthly fee (for what I need). Each service offers different options and fee structures.
Other services include:**
Edgar, buffer, tailwind, boardbooster
**List courtesy of Meighan O’Toole, Digital Strategist.

Facebook Algorithm

Yesterday my Facebook post reached 2 people. 2 people, even though I have over 200 fans. Why? It’s Facebook’s Algorithm.

“According to a closely guarded and constantly shifting formula, Facebook’s news feed algorithm ranks all the posts in your feed, in what it believes to be the precise order of how likely you are to find each post worthwhile.” –  (read the complete article here)

So what can businesses do, besides pay to “boost” our Facebook posts?

  • Post regularly. Try increasing your frequency.
  • Ask for engagement. Ask questions.
  • Share content your readers will “Like.” Don’t just sell, provide value.
  • Repeat the types of posts that get the most visibility.
  • Engage with those, that engage with you.

Please share any tips you have in the comments below.

Is your Social Media Marketing paying off?


“While a high follower count may seem like a signal of success, our experts agreed that size isn’t everything — high quality engagement is where you’ll see the most returns.” *

If posts that generate engagement (likes, comments, shares) is the goal, then what to should you post? Here are some ideas:

Creative Posting Ideas for Authors:

  • Character Takeover. Instead of posting from your perspective – try posting from one of your character’s perspectives. Include “Character Name from Book X here.” Repeat for a few days, even a week, to pique interest in the character, and the book. Don’t forget to include a link to buy the book, or read more.
  • Ask your Fans. Propose a “What would happen if?” question to your fans. They love sharing their opinions! How about: “What if Character A and Character B were siblings, or became romantic, or hated each other?”
  • Provide visuals for your characters. Help your fans get to know your characters. Help them visualize what the character would wear, how they would decorate their space, or even what they would be for Halloween!
  • Ask for engagement. Use engagement as a way to answer a question. “Like this if you agree that Character A is “right” for Character B.” Or “Which book in the Series was your favorite?”
  • Tap into your audience’s followers. Encourage sharing. Post “Share this post to be entered in a contest for a free pin/bookmark/tshirt” – whatever works. Need promo items? Email me!

Want more ideas? Schedule a Social Media Consultation! Book a session now! Learn more.

Let me know if you try any of the ideas above!
Happy Halloween!

Helpful links on Social Media Marketing:
*Source: “How to Win at Social Media”
“Defining Your Social Media Strategy” by Meigan O’Toole

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Successful Social Media Marketing Tip: Be Consistent


I recently gave a workshop on “Social Media and Small Business” and the one word that was consistent throughout my presentation was “consistent.”

Here are some of the tips I shared for successful social media marketing:

  • Use a consistent logo and masthead image to represent your company across all social media. (This applies to your website and marketing materials as well.)
  • Be consistent in your profile description across different social media platforms.
  • Determine your overall message, about your products or services, and stay consistent to this message.
  • Pick a tone of voice for your writing and be consistent.
  • Choose a style for your images and stay consistent to that style.
  • Create a maintainable posting schedule and post consistently.

If you follow these tips, your followers will easily identify you by look and tone, and you will be more effective in conveying your message, to a growing audience.


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You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel (with your Social Media content)


My Social Media checklist can be intimidating. All that original content and artwork!

My Social Media Checklist:

  • 2x a month marketing blog
  • 2x a week “my creative resolution” blog
  • 1x a week Facebook post (marketing)
  • 1x a day Instagram post (my creative resolution)
  • 1x a month email newsletter (marketing)
  • 1-3x a day tweet (marketing)
  • 1-3x a day tweet (my creative resolution)

But then I remember – You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. One original post can be adapted to be shared across several platforms. Original content can be tweaked to make it work for each Social Media tool.

How to turn one blog post into posts across different Social Media tools:

  • Blog – Write original content and create (or get rights to) an image to support it. Publish post.
  • Instagram – Post image with reference to blog post and include link (in comments or in profile).
  • Twitter* – Tweet title of blog post with link. (*Space out these twitter posts throughout the day.)
  • Twitter* – Create unique headline for Twitter relating to blog post and include link.
  • Twitter* – Tweet image with caption, include link.
  • Email – Use entire blog post as email, or part of post in your email (with link to more), or include just the title with link to post.
  • Facebook – Write two enticing sentences, include blog post title, image, and link.

The important thing is to create posts that work for each specific Social Media tool. The general topic and content can be the same but your posts should speak the right “language.”

You don’t want to bore people who may follow you on more than one Social Media tool, by posting identical information. You do want your different Social Media accounts to support one another.


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7 tips to keep your Social Media time in check.


If you’re like me, and are on several Social Media platforms, you already know what a time suck they can be. It’s easy to get caught up in Social Media and end up feeling unproductive at the end of the day.

Tips to keep your Social Media time in check:    

  • Post before your work day starts and when it’s over.
  • Link platforms, so a post on one platform feeds into other platforms.
  • When not linking, use similar content across platforms to avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Schedule time to check the news feed (during lunch, while commuting, etc.) and stick to it. Don’t get sucked in during your productive time!
  • Plan a posting schedule and keep to it.
  • Write down posting ideas, to keep you on task. Don’t stop working to tweet.
  • Always keep your “brand” and goals in mind. Every post should reinforce your brand and bring you closer to your overall Social Media goals!

Just starting out with Social Media? Read “Starting Slow with Social Media Marketing.” New to Twitter? Read “Getting in a Twitter state of mind.” 

Interesting Link: “How Successful Authors Use Social Media to Sell More Books”

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