How things have changed.


As I thought about how to best start this blog, I thought about my start in Graphic Design and what things were like before the millennium. I was working in New York City, at a small graphic design agency.

Our creative process would go through these steps:
Client phone call, design project on the computer, print proof to show internally, make changes. Once approved internally, print, trim and spray mount, to create a comp that looked as close to the final product (brochure, etc.) as possible. Then, call a bike messenger. Messenger would arrive within an hour and bike the comp to the client for their approval or changes. This process (design on computer, print a comp, bike messenger) would repeat until the client approved the project for printing. Then the files would be made print ready, put on a disc, and overnighted to the printer. The printer would check the files, and overnight us a color proof or blue line. Upon our approval, a date would be set for a press check, where we would go “on press” and make sure the colors were correct before the whole job was printed.

Wow. Things did not happen fast! I think it took longer to get pricing from the printer than it takes today, to complete the entire job!

Today, here are my steps:
Client email, design on computer, email a pdf proof to the client, get comments back via email, make changes, email another proof, get final approval, prepare files for printing, upload files to the printer. Within minutes check proof online. If necessary upload revised art or click “Send to Press.” Wait for delivery. 🙂

Today, you and your clients can be anywhere!

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