Getting in a “Twitter state of mind”


I must admit I’ve neglected my twitter accounts. I opened two, one to support my Graphic Design/Marketing business, and one to support my creative painting blog, but, I’ve only tweeted once a month since then.

Determined to make a change and learn the ins and outs of Twitter, I declared last week “Twitter Week” and decided I’d tweet once a day on both accounts. Where I usually got stuck with Twitter was in what to say. I’m used to writing lengthy blog posts and posting pictures on Instagram with captions, but what to tweet? And how to say it in 140 characters? Hmmm.

I read up on Twitter on Sunday before “Twitter Week” and literally dreamed of hashtags Sunday night. On Monday morning I glanced over at the cover of one of the library books stacked on the front seat of my car, and thought, “That is a cool cover, I’d love to illustrate a map in that style.” … “Wait a minute! I can tweet that!”

From that Eureka moment it got easier. I realized I could tweet about awesome books, links, or videos I read or saw. I could tweet about projects I was working on or blog posts I’d written. And I could include the appropriate link or a photo. I could source the right person with their twitter account (@name). Very quickly I was in a “Twitter state of mind.” When I had an idea for a tweet, I’d either tweet it or write it down for later.

As a reminder, at the beginning of the week I wrote down what my brand is (for each of the two accounts). This is an important step in any social media campaign. You should always be reinforcing your brand. And I thought about my brand each and every time I sent a tweet.

After one day of tweeting, I had a list of general ideas for tweets. And forget about my goal for once a day, I tweeted about 3x a day on each account! In terms of followers, one account grew by 21 over the week, the other by 11.

The main change was I was hooked! I enjoy tweeting and I often learn something reading other people’s tweets. I’d share what I’d learned by retweeting. I was getting better at it and learning the nuances of Twitter.

Now that “Twitter Week” is over, I don’t plan on stopping. I’m just getting started. I’ll continue to build my audience, perfect my message, and reinforce my brand. The power and reach of these social media tools is incredible. And just like the lottery slogan, “you have to be in it to win it.”

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