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I just learned an important lesson. I had a meeting at the local library to discuss my first speaking engagement. The director at the library liked my idea of a talk entitled “Social Media Marketing and Small Business.”

Since the idea of speaking at the library came to me, I’d been jotting down quotes, info, and ideas and keeping track of links for videos and info graphics I come across in books, online, on twitter, etc.

Before I continued preparing my talk, I wanted to sit down with the library rep and get a feel for what their thoughts were and more specifically – How social media savvy the audience would be?

As we talked about the program, I mentioned that I was thinking of sharing the WordPress dashboard. I thought I could talk through the steps to creating a post and important things to remember (tags!). I ask the library rep if that was too basic.

He said no and said he thought I had to back up even further. I should show them how to sign up for WordPress. Wow!

I’m so glad we sat down together. I knew based on the venue, that the audience would be on the beginner side, but I realized I have a biased idea of what a beginner is. The material I had been composing is more likely appropriate to a Part II, or Part III “Social Media Marketing” talk.

It really hit home the saying, “Know your Audience.” I wanted to share all the interesting things I’ve been learning, but if the individual is too intimidated to open that account up, my info is useless.

I want the presentation to be helpful and engaging. I want the audience to leave with the feeling, “I can do this.”

I’m so excited by this new challenge! 🙂


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