Starting slow with Social Media Marketing

If you are just starting out with Social Media Marketing, you may be tempted to sign up for all of the popular ones at once – to add every little icon available to your business card. The best thing to do is start slow.

Choose one platform to start with and start building your audience. It takes time. There are nuances to learn with each social media platform. Tags, hashtags, favorites, reposting, pingbacks, acceptable etiquette, are all things you’ll learn along the way. You’ll learn by doing, and by watching those you follow.

Create original content and post frequently and consistently. Content needs to be value added, not just advertisements for your business. It has to be interesting. As you go, you’ll learn, and grow, and visitors will respond to this with likes and follows. Take the time to respond to comments and seek out your audience with comments and likes. You should reciprocate, to some degree, with those that like your posts and follow you.

Choose one platform to start, that best suits your business. After some time has past and you are feeling confident in that platform, add another and get to know it, before you add the next.

Effective social media campaigns have to do with consistency, so even if you open new accounts you can’t neglect the existing ones. It’s better to do a few and do them well, then many that you aren’t paying attention to. Even though setting up accounts is free, each account takes time to manage.

When I started my creative blog –, I spent the initial months creating content and solidifying what my “brand” was. All the while, getting comfortable with WordPress, with blogging itself, and all the little details. As soon as I had a base, I began reaching out to others within the community. The combination of solid content and reaching out to my audience, help build followers.

About 6 months later I opened an Instagram account @eileenmckenna. Instagram is perfect for creative people because the picture drives the post. The blog is more about the written content, with pictures supporting it.

Instagram was a perfect compliment to my blog. I share quick snapshots of what I’m inspired by, what I’ve started working on, or finished pieces. My blog goes into more depth on specific projects. The two accounts aren’t duplicates and because of this they encourage cross-pollination. I also run campaigns, where I encourage followers on one platform, to visit me on the other.

Whether you are opening that first social media account or adding to what you have, start slow and give yourself time with each platform.

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