Is your Social Media Marketing paying off?


“While a high follower count may seem like a signal of success, our experts agreed that size isn’t everything — high quality engagement is where you’ll see the most returns.” *

If posts that generate engagement (likes, comments, shares) is the goal, then what to should you post? Here are some ideas:

Creative Posting Ideas for Authors:

  • Character Takeover. Instead of posting from your perspective – try posting from one of your character’s perspectives. Include “Character Name from Book X here.” Repeat for a few days, even a week, to pique interest in the character, and the book. Don’t forget to include a link to buy the book, or read more.
  • Ask your Fans. Propose a “What would happen if?” question to your fans. They love sharing their opinions! How about: “What if Character A and Character B were siblings, or became romantic, or hated each other?”
  • Provide visuals for your characters. Help your fans get to know your characters. Help them visualize what the character would wear, how they would decorate their space, or even what they would be for Halloween!
  • Ask for engagement. Use engagement as a way to answer a question. “Like this if you agree that Character A is “right” for Character B.” Or “Which book in the Series was your favorite?”
  • Tap into your audience’s followers. Encourage sharing. Post “Share this post to be entered in a contest for a free pin/bookmark/tshirt” – whatever works. Need promo items? Email me!

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Let me know if you try any of the ideas above!
Happy Halloween!

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*Source: “How to Win at Social Media”
“Defining Your Social Media Strategy” by Meigan O’Toole

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