You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel (with your Social Media content)


My Social Media checklist can be intimidating. All that original content and artwork!

My Social Media Checklist:

  • 2x a month marketing blog
  • 2x a week “my creative resolution” blog
  • 1x a week Facebook post (marketing)
  • 1x a day Instagram post (my creative resolution)
  • 1x a month email newsletter (marketing)
  • 1-3x a day tweet (marketing)
  • 1-3x a day tweet (my creative resolution)

But then I remember – You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. One original post can be adapted to be shared across several platforms. Original content can be tweaked to make it work for each Social Media tool.

How to turn one blog post into posts across different Social Media tools:

  • Blog – Write original content and create (or get rights to) an image to support it. Publish post.
  • Instagram – Post image with reference to blog post and include link (in comments or in profile).
  • Twitter* – Tweet title of blog post with link. (*Space out these twitter posts throughout the day.)
  • Twitter* – Create unique headline for Twitter relating to blog post and include link.
  • Twitter* – Tweet image with caption, include link.
  • Email – Use entire blog post as email, or part of post in your email (with link to more), or include just the title with link to post.
  • Facebook – Write two enticing sentences, include blog post title, image, and link.

The important thing is to create posts that work for each specific Social Media tool. The general topic and content can be the same but your posts should speak the right “language.”

You don’t want to bore people who may follow you on more than one Social Media tool, by posting identical information. You do want your different Social Media accounts to support one another.


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