Successful Social Media Marketing Tip: Be Consistent


I recently gave a workshop on “Social Media and Small Business” and the one word that was consistent throughout my presentation was “consistent.”

Here are some of the tips I shared for successful social media marketing:

  • Use a consistent logo and masthead image to represent your company across all social media. (This applies to your website and marketing materials as well.)
  • Be consistent in your profile description across different social media platforms.
  • Determine your overall message, about your products or services, and stay consistent to this message.
  • Pick a tone of voice for your writing and be consistent.
  • Choose a style for your images and stay consistent to that style.
  • Create a maintainable posting schedule and post consistently.

If you follow these tips, your followers will easily identify you by look and tone, and you will be more effective in conveying your message, to a growing audience.


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