Email Marketing…it really works!


This link from Mail Chimp, a web-based email marketing service, is invaluable advice on the content and design of an email marketing campaign. Thank you to Abby Glassenberg for sharing this link!

Abby is an entrepreneur, whose weekly email/newsletter I look forward to! It is chock full of business and marketing advice and other interesting links. I keep it in my inbox for weeks, constantly going back to read another part or follow another link.

I’ve worked with email marketing for over five years. Just this year, I started using email campaigns for my graphic design and marketing business. I am interested in working with authors, so I’ve been slowly adding authors to my list, and strategizing as to how to set myself apart.


My main goal is to email my “Author” list once a month and start establishing my brand – who I am and what I do. I wasn’t expecting to send the first campaign and have an author email me asking about website design. My objective was to plant the “Eileen McKenna Graphic Design/Marketing” seed, continue to water it with monthly emails, encourage visits to my website and blog, foster a conversation (like with a collaboration on a blog post), and hope to eventually get business or referrals from it. Worst case scenario, I would have more examples of my work.

The other day, I was telling someone about my recent project and they said, “No one reads emails from people they don’t know and they don’t click links.” I beg to differ. My list has a 44-70% open rate. One person clicked a link to my website on the second email they received, AND [here is the surprising and exciting part] one person emailed me asking if I designed websites! It was the first email they received from me.

Email Marketing…it really works!

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