Ten Tips for New Bloggers

Since I started blogging – over 200 posts ago – I’ve learned a lot. Here are some tips for bloggers who are new to the scene.

Ten Tips for New Bloggers

  • Keep a posting schedule that works for you. Do what is comfortable and maintainable. The idea is to keep the blog going, not burn out after a month or two. Frequency is important but so is consistency.
  • Revise your format as needed. Posting regularly is the most important thing to staying connected with your followers. At one point, I started to struggle with this. At the time my posts were 200+ words. I realized every post didn’t need to be so in depth. In fact, the variety of shorter and longer posts was refreshing for my readers and it was more manageable for me.
  • Write about things that interest you. That passion should translate into posts that are interesting to read!
  • Define your “voice” and write consistently in that voice. Are you an expert on your topics? a beginner? Who are you and where are you coming from?
  • Think about who your audience is (or who you want it to be) and write to them.
  • Keep a list of post ideas. Add to it often.
  • Write several posts at once. I’ve recently started doing this and it’s a real time saver. While I’m already in the writing mode, and editing and uploading images, I write a couple of posts and schedule them for later in the week.
  • Use images to attract readers to your posts. (Make sure you have the rights to use those images! Read more on this here.)
  • Explore the community. Other bloggers can be a source of inspiration, motivation, and support. And you can offer that as well.
  • Appropriately tag your posts so people can find you! Create categories so readers can easily navigate within your blog, and find the topics that interest them.


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